For us, production is content creating. We like good content, we watch good content, hence we make good content regardless of the format. Our clients are mainly domestic and international advertising agencies working on various brands and media strategies, thus we could collect a good amount and a wide range of references and production experience.

Our job is to materialize a creative idea. And all this goes down to the crew, who will do it. The core of 235 consists of enthusiastic and long-suffering people.

In case of pitches for domestic projects, our producers do not invite directors randomly, or in the alphabetical order in their phones... They handpick the most suitable director and DOP duo for the job, and so they do with the rest of the crew. We do not say, that for international productions we put together the best team, because that is relative, instead, we do pick the most fitting people for the job.

Commercial / Image film / Music video / Online / Branded content / Pr / Event video / Short film / Service production