Post - production.

235 provides full service, because we understood that the trinity of preproduction-shooting-postproduction is equally important, and the creative work is far from being over just because the camera stopped rolling.

We have a multifunctional inhouse studio, which provides a quick and efficient solution for editing, color grading and sound recording – whether it is for the actual work, or a cool and representative place for Client presentations.
In cases of complicated 3D or VFX tasks, we tend to work with the most professional post-production companies of Hungary. We do believe that this is not a subcontractor relationship, but more like a collaboration: many talented young minds put together all their creative forces to create an awesome and outstanding content. Plus it’s well known: „Problem? no problem... THE POST can fix it....!"

EDITING Online-Offline

Mac Pro 6.1 / Promise Pegasus R6 / Sony PVM A-250 OLED / Panasonic Professional Plasma Display 65” / AVID Media Composer 8.5 / Adobe Premiere Pro / BMD MiniMonitor / BMD SmartScope Duo / DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel / DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio