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What the heck is 235?!

Well, ’nomen est omen’: 235 is the proportion of the cinemascope. As a full service production company working with domestic and international clients, we coordinate and execute smaller-bigger-mega sized film and photo productions.

We feel fortunate that we ’work’ in the industry of creative minds, and make their visions happen; to have a ’job’ which is our passionate hobby; to create things which are valuable and – although everytime there are ups and downs in the process of production – make us happy and proud to be part of. And if you asked what our super power was, we would say teamwork. Hands down, this is not a general CV phrase, that is the actual truth: ask around, whoever knows us would say so.

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We’re always excited about new projects and partners. So, hit us up with an email or just say hello.
High five or any kind of partnership:   hello@235.hu
Work with us:   jobs@235.hu

Peter Juhasz - Producer/Partner   jp@235.hu
Daniel Blik - Creative Producer/Partner   blik@235.hu
Valeria Moor - Producer   vali@235.hu
David Rubesch - Producer   rd@235.hu
Liza Kozma - Producer   liza@235.hu